I’ve started up Skyward Ink again.

I’ve been painting more, prepping to start selling Moon paintings (the first edition of 18 are dropping on Sunday 11/10 at noon), and getting the design end of my business revved up. (Follow @skyward_ink on Insta or join the Skyward Ink Facebook Page for more painting and design content.)

I’ve also been taking really good care of me.

Self-care and mental health update is coming soon.

Diet is a little straining right now – going high lean protein, low carb, no sugar, no dairy for a week straight. No cheating. Using this as a willpower/ self control increasing exercise as I launch NOvember.

I’m also starting the third arm of Skyward Ink – the Rise program. It’s a place I’ll write and lead activities around self care and life improvement.

(Look, this is the free thing!!!)

The first program I’m leading is NOvember — where I lead you through this thing I do that’s helped change my life for the better.

Here’s the deal – you pick a thing (or a few things) to say NO to in NOvember. There’s a little more to it but it has been life-changing for me. Maybe it can help you too.

You get a workbook that you get when you join our Facebook group. If you don’t Facebook, send me your email and I’ll send it over! Hashtag for playing along on Insta is #no-vember2019 .

It starts tomorrow – yikes! (But really, start it anytime.)

The group so far is small and coming up with some ambitious, inspiring, and varied goals.

I’m doing an awful job at spreading the word because I’m overwhelmed – still reeling from the transition. I own that.

So, #no-vember2019 is on. I apologize for the late notice. Please come along on this free journey.


Workbook should be in the first post you see.

If anyone is having group joining problems PM me and I will send you an invite!


(Selfie from watching the sun set on my last day in Santa Barbara.
uncertainty * hope * bittersweetness * exhaustion)