PRINT & WEB designer. BRAND strategist. artist. maker. life-improver. creative problem solver. 

I love translating the work you’re doing in the world into beautiful, effective graphics and websites that have an emotional impact on your ideal clients.

My clients work all around the world – from right here in cozy San Luis Obispo to Canada, London and beyond.

Skyward Ink has been around (under different names) for nearly 20 years. If you can dream it, I’ve probably designed it – and if not, I relish exploring a new challenge.



I’ve been compelled to create as long as I can remember. My first business venture was making hand-crocheted coin purses in the second grade… which was, sadly, shut down by the principal.

My creative approach is multi-faceted. I’ve designed and sewn costumes for photo shoots for ad campaigns, painted backgrounds for websites, and called on my crafting skills for trade shows. 

Bringing these skills and my various creative processes and hacks into the designs I create allows me to create an individual brand experience like no other. 


Strategic design is more than pretty pictures – it’s dozens of intricate visual choices that give your business a voice. Design communicates instantly with your audience, showing them who you are.

I love creating beautiful things, but making beauty for beauty’s sake won’t help your business. That’s why, when we work together, we’ll spend time digging into your dreams and plans for your business, so I can infuse your designs with meaning. We’ll also talk about your clients and what really motivates them, so we can move your business forward by creating designs that speak directly to them about what they value.

I have been working with small businesses long enough to know what works and what doesn’t in terms of marketing. I’ll share that experience with you and help you find the sweet spots where your efforts turn into connections.


I’m always learning, growing and exploring, both personally and professionally. I’m a Skillshare devotee, have been through more than a handful of coaching programs, and am working on some pretty serious self-improvement initiatives at the moment. And don’t get me started on my love of habit trackers (I’m deeply in love with the Momentum app).

I have found that I love to be surrounded by people who are active in their own evolution – which happens to be another reason that I love working with entrepreneurs. Whether they’re evolving in their businesses, brands, or vision, it’s always exciting and inspiring to see change happen.


I believe in doing things that make a difference. I look for opportunities to make life easier for the people around me. I want to be able to look back every day and think, “that’s one way that I helped another person”.

Part of the reason that I am called to do this work is that I can fulfill this value by stepping into a client’s business and being fully supportive and on their team.

A dear friend of mine loved a chant that included the line: “The more that I give, the more I’ve got to give.” I feel like that basically sums it all up.


I am lucky to live in San Luis Obispo, California. I went to college at Cal Poly, and after 10 years in the Bay Area, my heart knew it was time to come back. I’m a painter, a chef, a tea drinker, a makeup artist, a costume designer, a wife, a corgi-mom, a GISHer, and a reader.

I love immersing myself wholeheartedly in the things that feed my soul, and doing things that make a difference – or make life easier – for the people around me.

Design adds value faster than it adds costs.